Building the House – Mechanics & Fundamentals of Pitching

Casey Clutch

This is the first of the House of Pitching series entitled, Building the House, The Mechanics and Fundamentals of Pitching. A step-by-step progression of the pitching motion from where to place your feet on the mound to falling into the fielder s position once the ball is released.
Building the House addresses the importance of leg drive, examines the different styles of pitching, explains the mandatory mechanics within each style, and provides insight into the pitching motion from a pitcher s point of view. Also included are sections covering the peel drop and troubleshooting suggestions for common mechanical problems.
Bill Hillhouse will help you select the correct drills that simulate the entire pitching motion and provides several examples of such drills. Many analyzation aids are included like split screen, slow motion video at every angle, drawings, 3D animation, and keypoints to help illustrate the fundamental concepts of pitching. Beginner – Advanced Level.


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