Pitching 101: Starting from Scratch

The Road to Rise

Learning how to pitch softball is hard, especially when so many different coaches are teaching so many different things. Pitching 101: Starting from scratch brings you the complex art of pitching Fastpitch Softball into its most simple terms using common sense and basic understanding of how the body is designed to work in athletic movements.

As a parent, a coach, or a pitcher you will learn step by step from one of the best pitching coaches in the world how to train yourself to pitch like the world’s best do in competition. This is not only a “how to” video but also answers the vital question of WHY and will help you understand the differences between what so many pitching coaches teach and allow you to decide for yourself what makes the most sense. Pitching 101 is simple, concise, and will help anyone understand how to make softball pitching easy: starting from scratch! DIGITAL COPY


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